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Abyss of the Deep
Abyss of The Deep
Type of Artwork Painting
Location The Guertena Art Gallery
True Guertena Exhibit
A world where man will never stand... To ??? (realize) that world, I decided that I would ??? (engrave) it within the canvas.

— Guertena Weiss

Abyss of the Deep is one of Guertena's paintings located in the Guertena Art Gallery in the game Ib. It depicts a monstrous, gray deep-sea fish in deep, dark-blue waters. It serves as the entrance that Ib jumps through (producing a splash sound) in order to enter the Blue Area, the first area of Ib's adventure through the cursed gallery of the Fabricated World.

Guertena Advertisement

The Guertena Art Gallery poster near the reception desk

Near the beginning of the Violet Area, a door will require the name of this painting as the code to open it. When Garry tries to remember the name, he can't remember the first word ("Abyss"), so he asks Ib (who was unable to read "Abyss" from the start). She can choose either "Abyss," "Realm," or "Picture" as the word. Garry will only accept "Abyss" as a choice, so once it is chosen, the door will open.

During A Painting's Demise ending, the dark blue sea leaks and begins to ooze onto the floor as the Gallery darkens.


In the Guertena Art Gallery, the painting is in the center room of the first floor.

In the True Guertena Exhibit, it is in the center of the painting room in the Main Gallery.

Visitor QuotesEdit

  • "Eek! I feel like it's sucking me in..." - Woman in pink shirt
  • "Hmm... So this is that thing they put in all the magazine ads..." - Man with bluish-black hair
  • "I wanted so badly to see this piece with my own eyes! It's completely different from seeing it in a book... The atmosphere is just so... just... like... you know?!" - Woman in gray dress
  • "Hm... like looking down deep into the sea from the surface..." - Woman with air bun
  • "Man, if this thing were real, I'd be super tiny..." - Man with green hair
  • "That's one big ol' display..." - Old person with cane


  • In the Japanese version of the game, the player has to manually input the title of the painting when Ib is prompted to guess the title in the Violet Area.


Ib Figurines
Ib figurines.
Mary, Ib, and Garry browsing merchandise at kouri's Guertena Shop.

Top 04
Ib warming her hands by a golden Abyss of the Deep fish.
Garry Doodles
Garry doodles.
Garry's New Clothes
kouri's attempt to draw Garry in a different fashion, but the color scheme was the same.

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