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i'm an ant. i love paintings. my painting is especially cool. i'd like to see it again, but it's kind of far away. [sic]

— Ant

Ib and Ant

The Ant is a character in the game Ib. It is a tiny talking ant that roams around the Green Area, viewing the bug paintings, though he believes his is the best. Ib can bring his ant painting to use as a bridge to cross a gap in the floor - squishing the ant in the painting in the process (this will not kill the real ant). She can grab the Green Key in the following room, then while escaping the headless statue, she steps on the painting again and breaks a hole the statue falls into. The ant will be upset that Ib destroyed his painting.

If Ib returns to the Green Area with Garry, he and the ant will get into a small argument. Garry wants to squish the ant, but Ib prevents him from doing so.

In the Orange Area of the Dungeon, a White Ant will be roaming near a similar gap as the Green Area. Ib and Garry must lay down an anthill painting, which will let them cross, and let the ant go downstairs to view his painting of a white ant. When the area turns night, the White Ant will come back up and be hungry for sugar. Ib and Garry must collect stars from the Overfilled Night Sky and feed them to the ant (it will not accept Garry's candy). The ant will give them an Orange Key to let them enter the next room.


  • The ant was voted 5th in kouri's official character popularity poll.


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