• GoldiegoldvlogsYT


    March 3, 2019 by GoldiegoldvlogsYT

    ib is a horror game and it has three main charaters named garry, the main charater ib, and mary. they all become friends in the game and they will be good friends. garry has a blue rose ib has a red rose and mary has a yellow rose. thats all the details i know about the game.

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  • IspeltEclipsewrong

    Sorry if this questions has been asked before. Some articles are protected so I can't add pictures/proofread them. I understand this is to prevent vandalism, but how do I prove my trustworthiness?

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  • Hero King Marth

    From now on, the article comments feature will be indefinitely disabled, unless someone can give me a really, really good reason why it should be enabled again. I've put up rules associated with the feature in the Community Guidelines, and a shortened version of the rules could be viewed in the Community Corner under the Wiki Activity. However, those rules, along with the feature itself, have been removed because too many users have disregarded those rules, even though warnings of the removal of the feature were placed in the Guidelines. That being said, if anyone wants me to enable them again, just leave a comment in this blog post. Feel free to leave any other comments here as well.

    For users who want their opinions heard about this game, o…

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  • Yuimato Animations


    June 9, 2018 by Yuimato Animations

    So, I can't get the Moving Storybook to work...I can't move on without it, How do I get it to work with the game?

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  • TheAntagonisticKitty

    So I'm playing Ib blind at the part where you are at the crayon house town (right after Garry reveals Mary isn't real) and I'm wondering what would happen if I never checked the box that contained the knife. Is triggering that cutscene with it mandantory or optional? If it is optional then what will happen if Mary doesn't have the knife?

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  • Hero King Marth

    The results of Community Poll #7 are as follows:

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  • Beautyandnotthebeast

    Does anyone think that Ib has a future? Like an update or a remake.

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  • Hero King Marth

    The results of Community Poll #6 are as follows:

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  • Lostinseax


    The last chapter is the quickest way to earn all endings.

    Head immediately to Fabricated World and check the nameplate.  Once the lights flicker, go downstairs.  Once the light turns off, go back to Fabricated World and look at the blue paint, then read the blue text where the blue paint once was.  After that, go down into Abyss of the Deep.

    Go to the right and take the rose.  Press Z or the space bar (or the enter key) again to move it to the side and go into the room.  Grab the key in the middle and leave, before going straight to the west hall.  Enter the door.

    Head straight to the Ant Painting.  (Make sure to avoid the sides.)  You need to inspect it twice in order to take it off the wall.  Go back down and head to the…

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  • Lostinseax

    Playing Ib again in a few years made me realize that there were so many things that stood out to me as blatant foreshadowing.  Without saying anything more, let's start.

    There will be spoilers!  Everything is ordered in their order of appearance throughout the game.

    Ib is told to keep her handkerchief in her pocket.  In all but one route, this handkerchief is never used.  In the route of Promise of Reunion, Garry's finger is cut from the glass breaking when they burnt Mary's portrait and the option of giving the handkerchief is shown.  This then causes Garry to remember Ib once they go back to the Guertena exhibition.

    This part assumes that if you go upstairs first.

    Garry could be seen standing and looking at the Hanged Man as soon as you head…

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  • Miguelr19


    February 12, 2017 by Miguelr19

    Who is he 

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  • Dr. Oobleck

    Memory's Crannies

    November 12, 2016 by Dr. Oobleck

    finally decided to play Ib. got memory's crannies cause I forgot avout the broken glass

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  • Crow2047


    November 7, 2016 by Crow2047

    How much do we know about Kouri? There page is very small and I'm curious if theres anything we should add. I can't read japanese so I really don't know much about them but I would like to know more. If there's anything you think should be added or it's fine the way then feel free to add.

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  • Hakamorra

    Silly question;

    June 10, 2016 by Hakamorra

    I'd rather be safe than sorry.

    Where can I get this game?
    I use to have The Witches House but that was on an older computer and played quite some time ago, so I haven't a clue where to get these games. Also, if I may, are there any suggestions you guiz may have for games similar to these? Or any well made indie games like these at all.

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  • Luna Security

    How many ib's versions are there?

    and what are the differences between them?

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  • Hero King Marth

    The results of Community Poll #5 are as follows:

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  • Sparkystream

    A Minor Bug

    January 6, 2016 by Sparkystream

    I was playing Ib at school for the tenth time total I think and I was going to burn Mary's portrait with Garry's lighter and I discovered a small bug. 

    View this bug occurring here.

    If you didn't know what the bug was, I opened my inventory as Mary was coming to tell me to leave and her dialogue appeared over the inventory. 

    While it's open, she is unable to kill you. You'll just keep hearing her footsteps "chasing" after you until you close it.

    It's nothing major but it was pretty amusing to see, especially when the inventory shook as she yelled.

    To get the bug to happen, just keep trying to open your inventory when she's supposed to start going up. It takes a few tries but it's not really hard..

    I wonder if this bug is in the Japanese version.…

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  • Gamewizard2008

    Hooo, well I had a hell of a day working here, I decided to play through Ib again myself and it turns out, images really are in higher quality when you collect them from the source. ;3 So feel free to thank me. So anyway, I was thinking we should start including the books seen throughout the game. Now what I'm wondering is, should we just make one page for all the books, or create a page for each titled book, where we write the text it contains, and then explain its relevance with the story. The Witch's House wiki also does this, so why not. Plus, it's just like giving all the artworks a page, only I guess we won't always have a distinguishable picture. So yeah, whaddyou think?

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  • BlackCatDemon

    Since I speak Japanese, I thought I would like to share the results of the official Ib popularity poll which was posted on Kouri's website. Here they are (in descending order):

    Joint 9th - Worry                                  164 votes

    Joint 9th - Forgotten potrait                  164 votes

    8th - Reticent Gaze                              256 votes

    7th - Blue doll                                       268 votes

    6th - Kouri (creator of the game)          411 votes

    5th - Ant                                               446 votes

    4th - Headless statue                          469 votes

    3rd - Mary                                           3237 votes

    2nd - Ib                                               4287 votes

    1st - Garry                        …

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  • Hero King Marth

    The results of Community Poll #4 are as follows:

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  • Hero King Marth

    The results of Community Poll #3 are as follows:

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  • Hero King Marth

    The results of Community Poll #2 are as follows:

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  • Vixenheart777


    June 24, 2014 by Vixenheart777


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  • Hero King Marth

    I will be keeping track of the results of every Community Poll just for fun references.

    The results of Community Poll #1 are as follows:

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  • Khaled Salah

    How I work...

    May 16, 2014 by Khaled Salah

    Hello there, fellow editors, my name is Khaled Salah, I'm the new editor here, I'm currently focused on :

    • Adding pages for paintings, sculptures and items.
    • Categorizing pages and categories.
    • Correcting some spelling and grammatical mistakes.
    • Fixing broken links.

    But I don't think that I can do much more than that, because filling pages with information is not my thing but I will try to do my best anyways...

    and thanks :) Khaled Salah (talk) 09:46, May 16, 2014 (UTC)

    P.s: If anyone wants to ask me anything, feel free to do so :)

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  • SkullyANDUnknown9580

    Ib Q&As

    April 16, 2014 by SkullyANDUnknown9580

    Q: Ib seems really quiet upon the journey. Why's that? A:

    [Skully/Tiffany]:  Most game characters (i.e. Link from The Legend of Zelda) doesn't have a voice because their creators think it will be so much simpler to do so.  But in Ib, you can say whatever you want Ib to say (i.e. saying either "I choose Garry", "I choose Mary", or "I choose both" in Sacrifice ending).  In games that sometimes have choices for you to make (i.e. Ib, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, etc.), different answers to the other characters and/or objects will affect gameplay and affect their answers.  If the game has different endings, it changes the ending you will get.  

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  • Raw624

    Mary Editing

    November 11, 2013 by Raw624

    Currently I'm focused on editing Mary's article since it has a lot of literary errors. Despite that all of the content seems liable so no need to change that. 11/10/13 (11:12 PM)

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  • TheCrookedMan

    Here are a list of the games I played. Sharing this to you guys.

    So, let me share some games that I played, and totally enjoyed. They're all great, seriously. Let me rate them and share some of my opinion here. I might spoil some, so BEWARE. I'll post the first Ib-like RPG game I played, then onwards..

    "Under the blue sky, there lies a girl, trapped in a labyrinth."

    kouri did a great job with this. People say you don't need fast reflexes here-- and yeah, it's right. But what you need is some brain which can help you with those damned puzzles. It's so confusing, I die and die and die.. Okay. There were some jumpscares which totally scared me. Actually, this is the first RPG game I've ever played. And because of Ib, I started loving the other R…

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  • Avaflava1

    Wiki Adoption

    October 29, 2012 by Avaflava1

    If there are any other users here, please read this.

    I think I'm going to request adoption of this wiki. Depsite that fact that I've only been editings for a few days now, no other users have been present. I haven't seen any admins laying around, and this wiki needs one. I've created a few pages and made the existing ones better. There are few articles and little sources, so if there are any other users/admins on here, please respond to this within a week.

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