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Description Given by Garry. It says it's lemon-flavor.
Usage Used to remember Garry (Promise of Reunion (optional))

Eaten by Ib to make room for Garry's lighter
Eaten by Mary to ensure that Ib never remembers Garry (Together, Forever)

You can have that. Feel free to eat it.

— Garry

The Candy is an item in the game Ib. It is a lemon-flavored candy given to Ib by Garry in the Safe Room after she wakes up from her nightmare.

In the Dungeon, Ib may have the choice to feed the candy to the white ant. However, the ant won't accept the candy.

In the Together, Forever ending, when Mary and Ib go home with their parents, Mary will find the candy in Ib's pocket and eat it herself in an attempt to keep Ib especially forgetful of Garry.

For the Forgotten Portrait ending, before Ib can take the lighter from Garry's unconscious form, she must eat the candy to make space in her inventory.

In the ending Promise of Reunion, if Ib states that she doesn't remember Garry, the latter will remind her of the various events, as well as the candy he gave her. Ib will find the candy in her pocket, sparking her memory of the Safe Room.


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