Damage Dealt 1 Petal
Speed Instant, then immobile
Beware the edges.

— Warning sign

Claws are enemies in the horror game Ib. They appear as clawed, black hands that quickly reach out from the walls to attack Ib and remain there, posing as a lingering threat. They will reach out towards Ib when she approaches certain areas of the walls where they strike out from, regardless of whether or not they can actually hit her. They are generally easy to avoid by walking through the middle of the hallway that they strike from.

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Claws first appear in the Green Area, where their existence is implied by a nearby note that warns, "Beware the edges." As long as Ib continues to stay in the center of the hallway, she can pass them all without taking any unnecessary damage.

In the Yellow Area, there will be a note on the ground that will read, "Just when you've forgotten...", warning the player of more claws. Just like before, as long as Ib walks through the center of the hallway, she will remain unhurt. At first, only one claw will try to strike Ib, but after she collects the Wooden Apple, another claw will try to grab her.

In the Violet Area, if Garry pulls the left-most switch in the row of 5 switches in the Cord Room, a claw will pop out and scratch him. (Incidentally, that switch was near the edge.)


Ib and Garry on the cover of Quarterly Pixiv magazine Volume 10.

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