Guidelines[edit | edit source]

  • Do not post spam/troll/vandalize.

Vandalizing any page on this wiki will result in an indefinite ban, regardless of whether the contributor is a registered user or not. This includes intentionally inserting nonsense or false information into articles. Linking malicious or suspicious websites also falls under this category and, thus, will result in an indefinite ban.

  • Do not post fan art.

This wiki only tolerates actual images from kouri or the game. Please refrain from sharing fan art on any page of this wiki, with the exceptions of user pages, blogs, and the general photo gallery (if fan art is uploaded to the general photo gallery, it must be promptly put into use; otherwise, it will be deleted).

  • Do not make opinionated edits.

This wiki prefers that any edits to official articles should not have adjectives or other words that express the opinions of the contributor. Descriptions should be written in a formal manner. This means that any words that illustrate extreme emotion (i.e., "beautiful," "awesome," etc.) should be avoided, unless they are references from the actual game content.

  • Do not write in the first-person or second-person perspective.

This wiki prefers that any edits to official articles should be written in a third-person, formal point-of-view. This means that the use of "I" and "you" should be avoided as much as possible; instead, "the player" or the names of any of the characters that the player can control should be used (as long as the action applies to the character).

Rules of the Art Gallery[edit | edit source]

  • No loud conversation
  • No photography
  • No food or drink
  • No touching the displays
  • No fountain pens
  • No leaving ever
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