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Type of Artwork Painting
Location Gray Area
True Guertena Exhibit
What is it, Ib? Huh?! The people in this painting are your dad and mom?

— Garry

Couple is one of Guertena's paintings located in the Gray Area in the game Ib. It depicts Ib's parents standing side-by-side, with her mother on the left side and her father on the right side of the image. The image is set against a purple background, mounted against a black matte, and surrounded by a brown frame.

When examined, the text will state, "It depicts a familiar man and woman... These two are.....!" Garry will then ask Ib what's the matter, and Ib, although not explicitly, will tell him that the painting portrays her mother and father. Garry will note that the people in the painting do resemble Ib and question why such a painting would be there. Garry will then say that can't say that he knows where her parents are, before attempting to reassure Ib ("D-Don't worry. They must be here somewhere!"). Garry will then think to himself about how the events in the gallery are even getting to Ib.

After the preceding conversation, if the player attempts to have Ib leave the room, the door that the two came through will not open. This leads to Ib and Garry being trapped in the room until a Lady in Yellow breaks through the wall (and possibly a Lady in Blue breaking through the window, if it isn't blocked), creating an opening that they can use to escape.


In the Gray Area, the painting is located in the Sitting Room, which is in the centre of the Gray Area.

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