The Doll Room is a room in the Violet Area in the game Ib. The objective of this room is to find the key hidden in one of the blue dolls' stomach. As of Ib v1.04, the key's location is randomized and cannot be found in the same doll during a replay of the game. The amount of time that Garry has to find the key is dependent on whether or not Garry chose to kick the Blue Doll against the wall earlier.

Doll Room Bunnies

The Doll Room with bunnies in place of the dolls.

Doll Room

The Doll Room's true appearance.

Screenshot 88

The Doll Room in the Welcome to the World of Guertena ending.

After picking up the white ball of paint, Garry finds himself locked in the Doll Room, and the Blue Doll will scrawl a message on the door, indicating that he must play a treasure hunt game with the other blue dolls in order to escape. The hunt for the key begins after a bell tolls and the room turns blue. Garry has only a limited amount of time to find the key, retrieve it, and escape the room before Red Eyes successfully comes out of its painting and attacks Garry. If Garry had kicked the Blue Doll into the wall earlier, then he will have less time to find the key. There are also objects hidden inside several of the dolls to throw Garry off from finding the correct doll, which include a pebble, blue paint, a bug, and a bundle of hair. If Garry succeeds in finding the key and escaping the Doll Room, he will end up safe for the time being and will refuse to go back into the Doll Room. He will also stop Ib from doing so. However, if he fails to find the key within the time limit, his doom counter will raise by two points, and he will go insane. Ib will either have to slap him twice or slap him and call his name to get his sanity back.

Whether his condition can be cured or not depends on the following three conditions: whether or not Ib saw the sinister painting during the Hide-and-Seek game with the Stick Figure, whether or not Ib and Garry saw the "Hanged Garry" message after he kicked the mannequin head, and whether or not Garry's doom counter has reached five points or more after failing the Doll Room. If all three of these conditions are met, Garry will be too far gone to be saved. If this happens, Ib gives up and collapses in despair, resulting in either the Welcome to the World of Guertena or the A Painting's Demise ending, depending on Ib's relationship with Mary.


Mary, Ib, and Garry browsing merchandise at kouri's Guertena Shop.

Guertena lollipop chocolate based off of motifs of characters and Guertena's artworks.