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Description Kept in a little bottle. Use to cure hurting eyes.
Usage Curing the congested eye (Gray Area)

Eyedrops is an item located in the Stool Room in the game Ib. It also has a painting based on it in the Gray Area. The Eyedrops also appear in the True Guertena Exhibit.


The Eyedrops is used for healing the congested eye in the Gray Area in order for the eye to reveal an area of a nearby wall that serves as an entrance to a hidden hallway. At the end of the hallway lies a red glass ball, which Ib needs to obtain in order to continue solving the puzzles of the Gray Area.


Eyedrop Painting

Eyedrops painting.

A painting is also based from the eyedrops in the Gray Area, located in the same room of movable stools, on the middle north wall (behind the real eyedrops). It depicts the eyedrops bottle, with a purple liquid oozing from the upper-left corner. The image is set against a red-orange background, surrounded by a brown frame. This painting only appears in recent updates.