The Green Area is one of the areas of the cursed gallery in the game Ib. As the name implies, the entire flooring of each room in the area is green. It is the second area Ib comes to on her adventure, continuing after the Blue Area. It leads to the Yellow Area.


Ib will arrive in a hall with an ant crawling on the floor and four paintings of bugs. There is an east hall and a north hall. The east hall leads to another hall where the Green Key is located. The two halls are connected by a room in between, which can be entered using the green door. Going through the door will lead to a room with a large hole in the middle, which cannot be crossed at the moment. The north hall contains a note on the ground, which warns of the danger near the edges. Therefore, Ib must cross the north hall by staying in the middle, as Claws will come out of the walls in an attempt to do her harm. After traversing the hall, Ib will encounter a Save Point and an ant painting. Ib should take the ant painting down and head to the room with the large hole. There, she can put the ant painting down to cover the hole, forming a bridge to the other side. Once Ib walks across the ant painting, the ant on the painting will bleed and be crushed. After going through the door, Ib will arrive in a room with a Green Key on the floor and a headless statue standing behind it. Once Ib picks up the Green Key, the headless statue will become animated and give chase to Ib. Ib should return to where the ant painting once hung on the wall. As she runs over the ant painting bridge a second time, the ant painting will rip. The pursuing headless statue will fall into the newly formed hole, destroying itself upon impact with the ground. Once Ib arrives at the door next to the ant painting's original spot, she can use the Green Key to unlock it and continue on to the Yellow Area.


The notes regarding parts of the game:

  • "Beware the edges"

Paintings Edit

The paintings encountered in this area: