The Grieving Bride's Hands (later the Blessed Bride's Hands) are two twin sculptures in the Gray Area of the game, Ib, found in the entrance of the area with the Grieving Bride and Groom. They are black hands whose fingers constantly flex. The one on the left is her Left Hand, while the right is her Right Hand.

Blessed Bride's Hands

Blessed Bride's Hands

The Silver Ring must be found behind the Feeling sculpture and given to the Left Hand. Ib must put it on the ring finger, so the Bride will give her the bouquet. If she chooses the wrong hand or finger, she will lose a petal of her rose. The ring will be seen on the left hand from then on, and they will stop flexing.


Garry's New Clothes
kouri's attempt to draw Garry in a different fashion, but the color scheme was the same.

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