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Guertena Weiss
Guertena painting
Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color Unknown
Gender Male
Age ???
Cause of Death Presumably by natural causes
This is the page for the character Guertena Weiss. Information on the painting Guertena can be found here.

Guertena Weiss (ワイズ グルテナ Waizu Gurutena) was a famous artist in the game Ib. He painted Mary, as well as the other paintings that Garry and Ib encounter on their adventure through the cursed gallery.


Little is known about Guertena's appearance, except for the white long-sleeve shirt in his self-portrait. All theories state that Guertena was either middle-aged or an old man before he died. On the recent version of Ib, a portrait of him is displayed, yet his face isn't shown; therefore, the mystery of Guertena still remains.


Very little is known about Guertena, though it seems he was a skilled and passionate artist having an entire museum for just his work alone. In fact, his work was so good that some of it came to life, implying he may have some magic in his background.

According to his Diary, Guertena believed that people can impart their spirit in the things they create, such as artwork. Guertena's goal was to immerse himself in his work in order to impart his spirit into his creations.


  • In his self portrait, Guertena can be seen holding a paint brush in his left hand, which hints that Guertena might be left-handed.
    • The picture that he is painting is the portrait of Mary.
  • Weiss in German means "white."

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