Ib's Mother
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Red
Just make sure you're quiet in the gallery, okay? Don't make a ruckus!

— Ib's Mother

Ib's mother (real name unknown) is a secondary character in the game Ib. She is also wife of Ib's Father, and the mother of Ib.


Ib's mother is a young woman, with long dark brown hair, tied in a ponytail, red eyes, and pale skin. She wears a red dress and a red gem on her neck collar.


Ib's mother is a loving and caring woman toward her daughter. She expects her only daughter to behave while at the art gallery but doesn't believe she needs to worry about her too much, as she lets Ib explore on her own. As Ib told Mary once, her mother becomes angry sometimes, during which she isn't nice. Her mother also warns Ib to stay away from strangers, a trait which the Fake Mother tries to deceive Ib with.

Role in Game

She and her husband accompany their daughter Ib to the art gallery, where she lets Ib go off on her own, telling her not to cause trouble. She, along with everybody else, disappears when the lights go out. She and her husband appear in a portrait (Couple) in the Fabricated World. If the circumstances are right, in one ending, a fake version of her makes an appearance and attempts to convince Ib to go with her (if Ib chooses to go with her, the player will receive the ending Ib All Alone). If Ib escapes the Fabricated World, she can be found looking at the paintings, and sometimes tells Ib that it is time to leave.

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Her only daughter. She takes Ib to the art gallery with her husband. She trusts her daughter to be responsible, especially with Ib's handkerchief.

Ib's Father

Her husband. He comes with her and Ib to the gallery. During Ib's 9th birthday, she was displeased that her husband bought a stuffed bunny for their daughter, since Ib already has so many of them.


  • She is mentioned much more in the game than her husband; however, the amount of art kouri has drawn involving her and her husband are about the same.
  • She gives her daughter a handkerchief on her 9th birthday.


Ib's Mom Sprite.png
Ib's mother

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Ib with her mother
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Ib's Mother/Garry telling Ib to keep her handkerchief/rose safe (déjà vu for Ib)

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