Incomplete Youth
Incomplete Youth
Type of Artwork Painting
Location Dungeon / Cyan Area
True Guertena Exhibit
They even tore off the nameplate... They really do as they please.

— Garry

Incomplete Youth is one of Guertena's paintings located in the Cyan Area in the game Ib. It depicts an incomplete painting of a child wearing a white shirt and dark blue pants, against a dark green background, surrounded by a light green frame.


Complete Youth

Complete Youth.

In the Cyan Area, the painting is located inside the Stick Man Room, along with Insomnia Coffin and Flowers Without Color. It is behind a column, so Ib cannot get directly in front of it; however the nameplate is lain on the floor beside the column, torn off by the stick figures. A head and shoes were also drawn around with black lines, thereby "completing" the painting.

In the True Guertena Exhibit, it is between Guertena and Insomnia Coffin in the Cyan Room.

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