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kouri is the creator of the game Ib.

Not much is known about kouri, but they appear to like plants and sweets as seen in their blog. Their only known work is the game Ib.


"Milk Crown Dress" - an artwork that kouri originally wanted to place next to the Milk Puzzle painting.
"Fragments of Adam" - a painting of Eve holding an apple and stepping on a white snake, but kouri discarded the idea due to the strong religious content.
"Picking Up Fallen Leaves" - a painting based on an original work (Garry would have said that the painting seems familiar to him), but kouri decided not to use it.
Garry 01
A scrapped concept design of Garry; kouri claimed that his pink hair would have made him stand out more than Ib.
03 3
Concept designs for Mary when kouri was deciding on the color of her outfit (out of these, they preferred the blue one).
The Blue Doll's original design, but kouri discarded it because it wasn't scary enough.

H 01
"Guertena Halloween" (2012).
Blue goldfish.
Blue Valentine's chocolate (Valentine's Day 2014).
Ib enq a
Results of the official Ib favorite character poll.

Girl in a blue dress packed in a drinking glass.

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