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Type of Artwork Painting
Location Yellow Area
True Guertena Exhibit
M-My... My word... This is terrible... Ib, let's get out of here!

— Garry

The Liars are a compilation of six paintings by Guertena located in the Liars' Room in the Yellow Area in the game Ib. Out of all the paintings, the Brown Liar is the one who tells the truth. Once Ib completes the puzzle by following the Brown Liar's instructions, a cacophony of chaotic noises can be heard; upon exiting the puzzle room, Ib will find that the Brown Liar's canvas and frame are bleeding and seem to have been slashed multiple times out of anger by the other Liars, who are splattered with red paint, resembling blood, while holding bloodied swords and knives that didn't exist before Ib completed the puzzle. If Ib interacts with all the paintings, all of the Liars except for the Brown one will say "Liar!" This implies that either the Brown Liar lied to the other Liars about being a liar or that the Brown Liar betrayed the other Liars by telling the truth.

If Ib returns here with Garry, he will comment how this is terrible when he observes the bloodied brown painting.



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