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Memory's Crannies is one of the seven endings in the game Ib. If Ib does not give Garry her handkerchief, and she decides to jump in the Fabricated World painting with Garry, the player will obtain the ending Memory's Crannies.

Guide[edit | edit source]

When Ib does not give her handkerchief after Garry gets cut by the glass, Ib will have the option to jump into the portrait or to walk with the fake mother. Following her will result in Ib getting Ib All Alone.

After Ib jumps into the portrait, she returns to the normal world and forgets everything that just happened. She can find Garry by the Rose Sculpture. Garry says that the sculpture will make him sad. He does not remember Ib. When Garry leaves, Ib's mother will arrive, seeing Ib look at the Rose Sculpture. Ib's mother will make a few statements and then take her to look at other artworks by Guertena. The screen will fade to the end screen, before taking you back to the main menu.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  1. To ensure that Garry doesn't die, his doom counter must be kept low. Having Garry treat the blue dolls nicely and not failing the Doll Room keeps his doom counter from raising.
  2. If Garry's friendship counter is high enough, the story may lead to the Promise of Reunion ending. To ensure that the player never receives the chance to obtain the Promise of Reunion ending, the friendship counter must be kept low, which can be maintained at that level by not talking to Garry when Ib has the chance to (this chance appears twice in the game). However, Memory's Crannies can still be obtained, even with the high friendship counter, if Ib chooses not to give Garry her handkerchief when prompted with the choice.
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Ib Endings

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