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The Orange Area is one of the sections in the game Ib. As the name suggests, all of the rooms are orange. The Orange Area is past the extra stairway in the dark gallery, after Ib and Garry (should he be alive) exit the Sketchbook. The entrance will only appear if Ib had exited the cursed gallery through the Fabricated World painting in a previous playthrough on the same file.

In the first room, the paintings Concealed Secret and Deja Vu can be seen. The next room harbors a large green snake, which is hanging out of its painting and, consequently, is sleeping on the floor, effectively becoming an obstacle for Ib. The Truant Seconds Hand sculpture can also be seen, with the hands of the clock gone. Mistake makes his first appearance in the Orange Area, with his painting being in the room past the right orange door.

Paintings and SculpturesEdit



  • This is the only area with a room that has multiple save points.