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Place of Warmth
Place of Warmth
Type of Artwork Painting
Location Dungeon / Cyan Area
True Guertena Exhibit
So it had a home here...

— Garry

Place of Warmth is one of Guertena's paintings located in the Cyan Area of the Dungeon in the game Ib. It depicts two colorfully-striped birds sitting cuddled in a nest together. The image is set against a gray background, mounted against a black matte, and surrounded by a brown frame.

This painting is located in an endless hallway that requires one of the colored birds to solve. This bird can be rescued in the Stick Man Room after all the Stick Figures are collected. The bird will follow Ib around until she goes into the endless hallway, where the bird will show Ib a specific path she must follow to reach the end. If Ib makes it to the end, the two birds will give her a piece of the Guertena painting.


In the Cyan Area, the painting is located at the end of the Endless Corridor, which is on the east side of the main room.


Guertena lollipop chocolate based off of motifs of characters and Guertena's artworks.
01 Ib
Ib doodles.
Mary Doodles
Mary doodles.
Tori 01-down
The Place of Warmth bird laying an egg.

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