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Red Eyes
Red Eyes (two variations).png
Type of Artwork Painting
Location Violet Area
Doll Room
True Guertena Exhibit
...No matter how I look at it, this is NOT "cute."

— Garry

Red Eyes is one of Guertena's paintings as well as an enemy located in the Violet Area in the game Ib. Its image shifts between the appearance of a red-eyed, pink rabbit sitting in a grassy field and a large blue doll with protruding red eyes, depending on the character's points of view. In Garry's case, the painting depicts the large blue doll. In Ib's case, it depicts a pink rabbit. The image of blue doll is set against a peach background, while the image of the pink rabbit is set against a light blue background. Both images have a black inner frame, surrounded by a reddish-brown outer frame.

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Red Eyes is first seen in the room past the door left of the Flowers of Jealousy painting in the Violet Area. At this point in the game, it appears to Ib in the guise of pink, red-eyed rabbit sitting in a field.

Once Garry is separated from Mary and Ib, the painting appears as a large blue doll with messy, black strings for hair and protruding red eyes.

It follows Garry, peeking over the top of certain walls and pillars at several points.

In the Doll Room

Once Garry reaches the Doll Room, Red Eyes actually poses a threat, as opposed to being just an exhibition; picking up the white paint ball that sits in front of its frame in the Doll Room and attempting to leave leads Garry to discover that the door he entered the Doll Room through has become locked and that he must find a key that is hidden in the stomach of one of the blue dolls in the room in order to escape. If the player fails to complete this task within a certain time, Red Eyes will have completely climbed out of its frame and drives Garry insane, which adds two points to his doom counter and causes him to forget about Mary's true nature. As long as Garry's doom counter isn't too high, Ib can slap him twice or slap him and call his name to return him to normal. If his doom counter is too high, he cannot turn back to normal, causing Ib to collapse in despair, resulting in either the ending Welcome to the World of Guertena or A Painting's Demise, depending on Ib's relationship with Mary. In Welcome to the World of Guertena, Mary takes what she considers a dangerous object from Garry and gives it to Red Eyes to throw it in the trash so that it cannot be used against any artwork, including herself.

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