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You and the rose are unified. Know the weight of your life.

— Warning Poster

Ib's rose with all its petals.

Garry's rose with all its petals.

Roses are the health meters in the game Ib. The petals of the roses represent the character's remaining life meter. Petals can be lost by direct contact with an enemy, exposure to environmental hazards, or dialogue-triggered damage. If the rose of a currently controlled character loses all of its petals the character will die, resulting in a game over. The exception is Mary, as her rose is fake; therefore, it does not represent her health meter.

Each controllable character has a unique rose. Ib's rose is red and has a total of five petals; when Ib first acquires it, only three petals will be attached. Garry's rose is blue and has ten petals, most likely due to the fact that he's an adult. Mary's rose is yellow; though, as it is fake, the number of petals is unknown.

In order for a rose to be restored, it must be placed in one of the water-filled vases scattered around the cursed gallery. Most vases in the game can only be used once, with the exception of the blue Eternal Blessing vases and the vase in the gas room. The latter can be used repeatedly because water dripping from the ceiling refills it.

The symbolic meaning of roses are as follows (according to the language of flowers):

  • Red Rose (Ib) = True love, courage, respect, and passion
  • Yellow Rose (Mary) = Friendship, jealousy, infidelity, apology, a broken heart, intense emotion, dying love, and extreme betrayal
  • Blue Rose (Garry) = Mystery, attaining the impossible, miracle, and love at first sight

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Mary Inventory.png
Mary's inventory.

Ib and Garry on the cover of Quarterly Pixiv magazine Volume 10.
Ib plate.
Ib f.png
Ib movic figurine concept.
Ib Figurines.jpg
Ib figurines.
Mary, Ib, and Garry browsing merchandise at kouri's Guertena Shop.
Garry rose.png
Guertena Shop Garry.

Ib top 01.jpg
Cover art for Ib.
Ib and her Red Rose.
Img 04.jpg
Ib and her Red Rose.
Img 02.jpg
Garry and Ib solving a museum puzzle with a key.
Garry sd.png
Garry tripping over the congested eye and dropping his Blue Rose.
Ib halloween2012.jpg
Halloween 2012 Garry, Ib, and Mary.
Ib with her Red Rose.
2012 02.png
Ib holding her Red Rose.
The Flower-eating Painting requesting for Ib and Garry's roses.
Top 02.png
Mary hugging the Blue Doll.
Mary winning the Ib and Mary plush dolls from a claw machine.
Ib 2.png
Ib's 2nd Anniversary.
Top 13.png
Ib and Garry.
Valentine's Day 2013 Garry.
Ib enq a.png
Results of the official Ib favorite character poll.
Ib 3rd Annivsersary.jpg
Ib's 3rd Anniversary.
Ib father2.jpg
Father's Day 2013 Mary.
Garry teaching Mary and Ib about mille crêpes (Halloween 2014).
2016 mary.png
Mary holding her rose.
Ib with her Rose 1.jpg
Ib with her Red Rose and Garry's hand.
Garry Happy New Year.jpg
Garry in a kimono (2016 New Year).
01 Ib.jpg
Ib doodles.
Garry Doodles.jpg
Garry doodles.
Item Doodles.jpg
Item doodles.
Guertena's Works Doodles.jpg
Guertena's works doodles.
Ib's 9th Anniversary.

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