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Safe Room

The Safe Room is a room located in the Gray Area in the game Ib. After escaping the swarm of painting ladies and headless statues, Ib will pass out from exhaustion. Garry will carry her to this nearby room and allow her to rest, using his coat as a blanket. Ib will have a nightmare of being chased and cornered by living artworks. Right before the artworks manage to catch her, Ib will wake up. Garry will give Ib the candy in his coat and suggest that they rest there until she is ready to go.

Before leaving, Ib can pick up Garry's coat and return it to him, earning bond points. Ib can then talk to Garry numerous times to further increase bond points (talking to Garry seven times will contribute to the Promise of Reunion ending).

A vase is at the center of the room, allowing Ib to restore her rose once. A Save Point is at the upper-right of the room, next to a "Rules of the Art Gallery" poster. On either side of the vase are shelves of books. The Untitled painting will hang on the northern wall, which Ib can examine to be added to the True Guertena Exhibit.

Interactive ObjectsEdit

Unnamed BookEdit

When Ib and Garry are resting in the room, the latter is reading an unnamed book that Ib may not understand, possibly due to small writing. After they leave, Ib can come back in and examine the book. The text will read:

"Both the deep sea and ancient creatures carry an unknown terror, and that is what piques my curiosity..." ...The text goes on in small lettering...

This book was possibly written by Guertena and is a reference to his Abyss of the Deep painting, which features a large creature in the deep sea.