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Stick Figure
Stick Man

Type of Artwork Painting
Location Yellow Area
True Guertena Exhibit

The Stick Figure is a minor character in the game Ib. He appears numerous times throughout the game as a means of solving puzzles.

He is first located in the Yellow Area down the left hall of the cat gateway. He asks Ib to play Hide-and-Seek before going behind a random curtain. If Ib finds him, he will reward her the Fish Head, one half of the Fish Key.

He later appears in the Brown Area as the Fisherman in the painting of the same name. He holds a fishing rod in the water, the hook end of which comes out in the Violet Area's Fishing Hook painting. Garry can hook the umbrella onto the hook so the Fisherman can pull it to the Brown Area, letting Ib and Mary have it.

In the Stick Man Room of the Cyan Area, a bunch of black and red Stick Men will be running around. Ib and Garry will have to catch the the black ones to receive a piece of the Guertena painting, while the red ones will attack them.

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