Stirred Up
Stirred Up
Type of Artwork Painting
Location Dungeon / Orange Area
True Guertena Exhibit

Stirred Up is one of Guertena's paintings located in the Orange Area of the Dungeon in the game Ib. It depicts a dark red silhouetted figure with a pink melted heart on its chest. It wields a knife as though ready to stab. The image is set against a blue background, with the corners blending into a darker blue. It has a thin, black inner frame, surrounded by a yellow outer frame.


In the Orange Area, the painting is located in the southwest corner of the main hallway.

In the True Guertena Exhibit, the painting is located next to Concealed Secret in the Orange Room.


Rahu 01
Ib and Garry approaching the Stirred Up painting with caution.

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