The Lady in Blue

Lady in Blue

Blue 01 LadyInBlue1

Type of Artwork Painting
Location Red Area
Gray Area
Dungeon / Dark Gallery
Damage Dealt 1 petal
Speed Fast

The Lady in Blue is one of Guertena's paintings located in the Red Area in the game Ib. It depicts a woman with long brown hair and blue eyes. Her attire consists of a blue dress. The painting is a variation of The Lady in Red.

The Lady in Blue is also one of many enemies in the game. She is the main culprit of stealing Garry's rose in the beginning of the game and in the ending Welcome to the World of Guertena.


The Lady in Blue is located in the left section of the second part of the Red Area, although the painting itself is missing from the wall. Instead, the Lady can be seen peeling the petals off of Garry's rose in the small room next to where the painting is supposed to hang. Several more of these paintings can be found in the part of the Gray Area where the Mirror Room is located. The painting also appears in the dark gallery, to the left of the entrance to the Dungeon. The room itself resembles the same room where the painting was supposed to hang in the Red Area.



The Lady in Blue.
Garry's New Clothes
kouri's attempt to draw Garry in a different fashion, but the color scheme was the same.

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