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The Lady in Green

Green Lady

Green 01

Type of Artwork Painting
Location Gray Area
Damage Dealt 1 petal
Speed Fast

The Lady in Green is one of Guertena's unnamed paintings located in the Gray Area in the game Ib and a variation of The Lady in Red. It depicts a woman with long brown hair and green eyes. Her attire consists of a green dress. The image is set against a black background, surrounded by a yellow frame.

The Lady in Green is also one of many enemies in the game. She is the fastest painting lady in the cursed gallery.


The Lady in Green can be seen guarding the Gray Key in the Gray Area. She moves very fast, so it is recommended that the player has Ib lure her away from the key and maneuver around the wall.


There are four different ladies: Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow.

The Lady in Red

Main article: The Lady in Red

The Lady in Red has medium-slow speed and is the first painting lady seen in The Guertena Art Gallery. She inflicts one-petal damage.

The Lady in Blue

Main article: The Lady in Blue

The Lady in Blue is the second variation of The Lady in Red that Ib will encounter. She is first seen plucking the petals off of Garry's Blue Rose. She inflicts one-petal damage.

The Lady in Yellow

Main article: The Lady in Yellow

The Lady in Yellow is the last variation of The Lady in Red that Ib will encounter. She is very slow and inflicts one-petal damage.


  • The Lady in Green, like her yellow counterpart, has no official nameplate, ergo her name is conjectural.
  • She is the fastest moving enemy in the game.


Garry's New Clothes
kouri's attempt to draw Garry in a different fashion, but the color scheme was the same.

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