Removal of the Article Comments Feature

From now on, the article comments feature will be indefinitely disabled, unless someone can give me a really, really good reason why it should be enabled again. I've put up rules associated with the feature in the Community Guidelines, and a shortened version of the rules could be viewed in the Community Corner under the Wiki Activity. However, those rules, along with the feature itself, have been removed because too many users have disregarded those rules, even though warnings of the removal of the feature were placed in the Guidelines. That being said, if anyone wants me to enable them again, just leave a comment in this blog post. Feel free to leave any other comments here as well.

All is Not Lost

For users who want their opinions heard about this game, or if anyone wants to post any digressions, I encourage them to use the community forums. If anyone wants to leave any meaningful insights or suggestions for article improvements, please leave those comments in their respective talk pages (remember to leave a signature if you do). Thank you.